Zip Dee Solar Shade

The Zip Dee awning that came with your Airstream is great for creating shade and an inviting space in your campsite.  Our favorite accessory to make the awning space even better is the Zip Dee Solar Shade.

This shade can be easily attached to any Zip Dee awning (and most other brands). It's perfect when you want a bit more shade, especially when your entry door faces south or west on a hot day.

It rejects up to 85% of the sun's heat while letting air flow through. This keeps the sun from baking the side of your Airstream, and gives you a shady spot all day—even when the sun is low on the horizon.

It comes in two lengths, 10 feet or 15 feet.  We recommend the 15 footer for Airstreams 27 feet and longer. Both are 57" tall.

We chose Zip Dee's shade because it is excellent quality.  It's made of much heavier fabric than other (cheaper) shades, which means it will hold up to intense sun and windy conditions. You'll see quality features like brass grommets, turned hems, and stainless steel snaps. Bottom line: It's extremely durable and will last you for a long time.

This product requires an initial installation of some snaps.  This is easy if you have a cordless drill with a 9/64" drill bit, and a pop rivet tool. Full instructions are included and can be downloaded here. There's also a video showing how to do it. If you aren't comfortable or don't have the tools you can take it to any competent service technician.

Once installed, you simply snap the Solar Shade up, which takes just a few seconds. The bottom has grommets so it can be tied down, and the shade comes with stakes.

Made in USALike all Zip Dee products, the Solar Shade is made in the USA.

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