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Let our Holiday Gift Guide help you bring joy to your favorite Airstreamer!

Whether you're buying for a guy or a gal, a new Airstreamer or a seasoned one, we've got a gift he or she will love.

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Have you been dreaming of a teak shower mat for Christmas?

If you've been waiting to give your favorite Airstreamer–or yourself–one of our handcrafted teak mats for the holidays, it's time to check it off your list! Order by midnight December 14 to ship in time for Christmas.

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You'll love our Ultimate RV Water Hose - it never kinks, leaks, or fails!

Our ULTIMATE RV Water Hose continues to get 5-star reviews because it beats every cheap white hose out there. Leave it outside for months, drag it on the ground, run over it with your truck, let it freeze—no problem! If it fails for any reason within 5 years, we'll replace it.


Traveling through cold weather climates this winter?

Learn how to Airstream smarter, safer, better

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13 must-have products for every Airstreamer

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You can't detect low trailer tire pressure from the driver's seat – a TPMS can

A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) monitors the air pressure and temperature in your Airstream's tires. When either go out of spec, the system alerts you so you can pull over and check things out.

TST is the most reliable TPMS on the market. Not only do we use it ourselves, but we so highly recommend it that we'll program yours for FREE.


Do you travel with the propane on? You need this.

Travel safer and show up with cold beer in the fridge! In the event of a major gas leak, GasStop is the only product that instantly and automatically shuts off the flow of gas. Installation is easy with our exclusive Airstream Installation Kit.