Universal RV Toll Pass

Type: 2 axle vehicle towing trailer
Sale price$ 95.00


If you travel a lot, you're probably running into electronic tolls in many states. Rather than carry a bucketful of transponders for EZPass, SunPass, FasTrak, PeachPass, TxTag and all the others, you can have a single transponder that works everywhere.


  • The RV Toll Pass covers the majority of roads in the USA
  • Just one registration, one account, one transponder
  • Eliminates tricky maneuvering through narrow toll booth lanes
  • Works in high-speed tolling lanes
  • Nominal monthly fee of $14.99 charged ONLY in months tolls are incurred

No Maintenance/Easy Installation

  • Battery powered transponder with 5-year life under normal usage
  • Easily installed on the windshield

Important notes: 

Before you begin driving the toll roads, you will need to establish an RV Toll Pass account, following instructions that will be provided with your Pass.

The RV Toll Pass deposit is $50 at time of activation, with a credit card on file to replenish the account whenever the balance drops below $25. It will take 2 or 3 business days to register your transponder and vehicle with all participating toll agencies, after which you are ready to drive.

You can cancel the Pass anytime. If you close your account, your balance will be returned after two billing cycles to allow payment of outstanding tolls and charges. The monthly fee will not be charged in months where no toll charges were incurred. 

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