Trucker Tough Gear Rack

Hold all the toys!

If you've got a GPS, a phone (or two), tire pressure monitor, and other devices cluttering up your dashboard and cupholders, the Gear Rack is the ultimate solution.

We've tried other suction-cup mounts and sandbag mounts, but a lot of them just don't stay put. The Gear Rack does. It sticks like crazy to almost any dashboard, even those with rough surfaces.

Best of all, the Gear Rack is flexible. You can bend the rack to go around corners—horizontally or vertically—and it just stays there like it was designed specifically for your truck.

The bar is 18" long so there's plenty of room. It comes with two mounts: one for a GPS, the other for a phone. If you need a mount for your tire pressure monitor or another phone, just add a third mount (available here). 


  • Gear Rack is a flexible 18" bar with two high power suction cups
  • Includes magnetic phone holder
  • Includes GPS holder with adapter brackets for Rand McNally, TomTom/Magellan and Garmin devices
  • Additional mounts are available for tablets, phones, coins, USB power outlets, and other devices—just tell us what you need!

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