Super Suction Cup Hooklet

Finally! A suction cup hook that actually works!

There are a lot of suction cup hooks out there, but most of them stick for only a few days before falling off—and they can't take the bouncing of traveling on a rough road.

This one is different. It uses a Gel Grip Lock technology that really holds tight to most surfaces. We road-tested one in an Airstream shower over a 3,000 mile trip and plenty of bumpy roads, and it never budged. It works great in extreme temperate ranges, too.

Use it for extra hanging in the bathroom (towels, robes, faceclothes, wet clothes), or in the bedroom (hats, hoodies, jackets), living room—almost anywhere!

It even sticks to the outside of your Airstream without damaging the clearcoat, so you can use it as a temporary hanger while you're outdoors. It's a good idea to have a few of these on hand for whatever needs you may have.

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