Folding Solar Panel Kit—120 watt

Confused about solar?  We'll keep it simple:

Our "plug and play" Airstream solar panel kit will give you up to 120 watts of silent, clean power anytime the sun shines.

  • No need for expensive installation, special wiring, or drilling
  • Works with the solar port installed on newer Airstreams (even though it's marked "Zamp only") as well as any other Airstream trailer
  • Deployable anywhere up to 45 feet from your Airstream
  • Folds down to a size that's easy to fit in any vehicle

Every serious Airstream traveler should bring along some solar capability, even if you already have a generator or camp mostly with hookups.  With our portable panels, you can enjoy longer stays at beautiful remote campsites where electricity isn't available, and reduce the need for a generator.

We selected solar panels from Go Power because we think they're among the best in the industry.  Our kit includes all the accessories you'll need to get started.

Our kit includes:

  • two panels that fold down for travel, complete with sturdy adjustable tilt legs and a carry handle
  • digital solar charge controller, with modes for standard and AGM batteries
  • a tough protective zipper case
  • 15-foot extension cable
  • an adapter cable for connecting to the "Zamp only" plug on newer Airstreams
  • battery "alligator clips" and O-ring battery post connectors

    You can also add in these recommended options:

    And there's one more thing you'll only get from the Airstream Life Store: our own booklet about "Tips For Using Solar Power".  This booklet explains the best way to use your panels, conserve power, recharge and maintain your Airstream batteries, and more!

    This portable panel kit gives you flexibility to put the panels exactly where the sun is shining, which means more power on cloudy days or in the winter when the sun angle is low.


    Tech Specs:

    This system weighs just 33 lbs (without cables) so it's easy to carry.

    Size is just to 32.5 x 19.9 x 2.8" when folded, and 32.5 x 39.8 x 1.4" when open.

    Maximum rated output power is 120 watts, or 6.7 amps DC at 18 volts.  These are high-efficiency monocrystalline panels.

    The charge controller is a 10 amp PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) type with charge modes for standard (wet cell/flooded) batteries, sealed/Gel batteries, and Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) batteries.

    The manufacturer warranty is 25 years on the panels, and 3 years on the charge controller.

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