SmartPlug Power Inlet Upgrade

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A few years ago we were at a campground on a hot day, and everyone was running their air conditioner.  The combined power demand was so high that the voltage began to sag.

When that happens, the electrical connectors get hot.  Mine melted right at the power inlet. Turns out that's a pretty common occurrence!

Part of the problem is that the standard power inlets used on travel trailers and motorhomes weren't really designed for this purpose. That's why we like SmartPlug as an upgrade.

The SmartPlug is a beefed-up replacement for the power inlet on your Airstream.  It has twenty times the electrical contact area, for a super-reliable and low-heat connection. But that's just the beginning.

Built to Last

Triple weather seals mean the plug stays nice and dry, just by plugging it straight in.  Built-in snaps lock the plug into place automatically.  That means no twisting, or screwing on a weather shield.

The entire enclosure is made of stainless steel, so it looks great on your Airstream and will keep looking great for a long time.  The tough cap snaps down to securely hold the cord in place, and a blue LED lights up to verify you have power (if you choose the complete cordset option).

Can I install it myself?

Yes!  Installing a SmartPlug is easy, because it exactly replaces the inlet you have now. Anyone with moderate do-it-yourself skills can do the job with just a screwdriver, or you can take it to any RV mechanic or electrician.

The SmartPlug fits in the existing hole and uses existing wiring. There's no drilling, and no messy sealant needed since SmartPlug seals with a gasket.

Other than the screwdriver, everything you need is in the kit, including instructions with pictures.

If you choose the "replacement plug" option, you'll also need some tools to cut and strip wires.  You can avoid this task by choosing a complete new power cord (on 30 amp systems only).

Which one do I need?

We offer the kit for 30 amp and 50 amp systems.  For 30 amp owners you can choose the SmartPlug inlet plus a complete factory molded power cord with LED light, or save a little money with the replacement plug (no LED light).  With the replacement plug, you'll need to cut the plug off your existing 30 amp cord and wire the replacement on.

Right now the 50 amp system is only available with a replacement plug, so you'll keep your existing cord and attach the plug.

Bonus:  All of our SmartPlugs come with a weather cap that protects your cord during storage, keeping out dust, dirt, and water.


SmartPlug is marine-grade equipment, designed for thousands of plug-in/plug-out cycles, and so it comes with a 7 year "no hassle product replacement" warranty from the manufacturer.

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