Propane Maintenance Kit

Have you looked at the hoses that connect to your Airstream's propane tanks lately? Are they stiff or cracking? They don't last forever, and when they start to fail the result can be a dangerous propane leak.

We've tried cheap replacement hoses available from general RV stores and they seem to fail far too quickly, so now we only recommend hoses from the original manufacturer that Airstream trusts for their new trailers.

Changing the hoses every year or two is not hard to do

We've put together a kit that includes the parts you'll need, so you'll be ready and have full instructions on hand.

Our kit includes:

  • 2 new propane pigtail hoses, 15 inches long. These are made by the same manufacturer that supplies Airstream. 
  • 2 brass adapters for some propane regulators that require a different hose end 
  • small spray bottle  Fill with soapy water to test for leaks 
  • roll of Teflon tape 
  • an Airstream Life booklet with clear instructions that anyone can follow!

All of the parts in this kit come in a heavy-duty plastic zipper bag that you can toss in a storage compartment until you need it. You'll need two small adjustable wrenches in addition to this kit, which are easily found in hardware stores.







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