Phantom Low-Profile 4G Antenna Upgrade

If you've got a Wilson or Weboost cellular booster, you can increase its performance and improve its appearance with our antenna upgrade kit.

Our "Phantom" antenna has an installed height of just 3.45 inches—barely noticeable atop your Airstream's roof.  It mounts directly on the roof and is white in color to blend in with the roof paint.

Most other antennas can't compete on performance. The only comparable Weboost antenna is a massive 19 inches tall on your roof but our Phantom offers equal or better performance while being stealthy and virtually indestructible.

Our cable is better, too.  Most antenna kits use an older type that doesn't carry the signal as well. The cable in this kit has about 35% less signal loss (attenuation) per foot.*

This kit is suitable for all North America cellular networks, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

Our kit includes:

  • Laird Phantom antenna suitable for all 4G and 3G North American cellular voice and data networks
  • 14-foot super-low attenuation cable with SMA Male connector (fits most Weboost products) and 3/4" roof mount (connects to the antenna)
  • alcohol prep wipe and dielectric grease packet
  • an Airstream Life Guide with installation instructions and tips

Installation requires drilling a 3/4" hole for the roof mount.  You will need a 3/4" hole saw attachment for your power drill, which can be purchased at hardware stores—or any competent Airstream service center can install this kit.

No crimping or soldering is required. The brass base plate of the cable attaches to the underside of the Airstream's aluminum skin with a simple threaded collar, and the antenna screws on top.  A rubber gasket on the antenna base seals the connection weather-tight.

Please check the antenna connection on your booster before ordering.  If you have a recent model of Weboost 4G-X, 4G-S, or 4G-M, the cable in this kit will connect directly without an adapter.  For other boosters an inexpensive adapter may be required.

* Comparing typical RG-58 cables to LMR-195 type cable. Attenuation varies by frequency. Our cable is suitable for all frequencies up to 41 GHz.

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