Megahitch Lock Coupler Vault PRO

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Yes, Airstreams get stolen regularly .. even right out of supposedly "secure" RV storage lots!

And here's the bottom line: Most hitch locks are really worthless.

I know, those are harsh words, but it is reality. If you spent $30-60 on a hitch lock, you probably got about that much protection.

If you want to see virtually every type of hitch lock being defeated, just watch the video below. But fair warning: you'll be horrified to how little protection you really have.

There's only one type of lock we would trust on our Airstreams: the Megahitch Lock "Coupler Vault" PRO. It's the latest generation of the toughest lock we have ever seen. Considering the value of your Airstream, it's really a no-brainer.

The PRO is improved over the previous version in several ways:

  • Fits better on the coupler
  • Improved cam lock on the underside to resist thieves with chisel or hammer
  • Tapered steel security rings encase the carriage bolt and cam lock to make a criminal’s tools slide out of position
  • 25% lighter weight
  • Textured powder coat finish to resist scratching
  • A new "tab and slot" design engineered to strengthen the entire vault. (Check out the detail photos to see how thick and strong the steel is!)

    We offer the Megahitch Lock in silver/gray to match your Airstream. This model has all the hardware to support both late model Airstreams (2-5/16" ball) and pre-1969 Airstreams that need a 2" ball. 

    Installation is easy, requiring no tools. Comes with two keys. This excellent lock is made in the USA.

    Important fitment notes:

    1. Because it requires access to the hitch coupler on your Airstream, this lock won't fit on trailers with Hensley or Pro-Pride hitches, unless you first remove the hitch head.
    2. The normal position of this lock is hanging downward at about a 45 degree angle. It isn't intended to stick straight out.
    3. If you have a pre-1969 Airstream with a snub-nosed Marvel coupler and 2" ball like this: side view, top view the Megahitch is not likely to fit.  



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