King Song electric unicycle

Yes, it's not for everyone. But if you want the ultimate in convenient, portable, and fast personal transportation, this is it!

Electric unicycles are ideal for quick trips from the campground, or just for fun. Incredible fun. And riding an electric unicycle isn't as hard as it looks, because the motor does most of the work for you. Most people who can ride a bicycle and have good balance will learn the basics in 1-2 hours. (If you do a lot of cycling, skiing, or similar sports you may be riding in as little as 15 minutes!)

In terms of performance for size and weight, unicycles are unbeatable. No e-bike or scooter can give the range and speed of a unicycle in such a small, light package—just 27 pounds!

This little powerhouse will transport an adult up to 220 pounds* for 15-20 miles on a single electric charge at speeds up to 18.6 MPH!  That's fast!

And it recharges quickly: plug it in to any wall outlet for 60-90 minutes and it'll be ready to go again, thanks to high-quality lithium-ion batteries.

A convenient trolley handle eliminates the need to carry the wheel; instead, at the end of your ride you just press a button to extend the top handle and move it around like a piece of powered luggage.

The big 14" tire easily traverses rough ground, even off pavement. And even with all this capability packs down to fit in any car trunk or on the back seat. No need for a bike rack.

Why We Recommend This Unicycle

We've chosen this electric unicycle over cheaper models because it offers a great set of features and is the best value for the dollar. Features include:

  • front and rear headlight-taillights, suitable for riding at night
  • extensible trolley handle
  • smartphone app capability (control features and see mileage etc on your phone)
  • 4 Bluetooth speakers to play music from your phone
  • a USB port to charge your phone or other devices
  • powerful 800-watt motor for added safety

Our special edition (available only through Airstream Life) comes with extras and accessories you'll want to get started:

  • our exclusive 18-page guide, "How To Ride An Electric Unicycle"
  • a set of protective pads (adult size) including knee, elbow, and wrist guards
  • our exclusive Tire Maintenance Kit (mini pump, tire sealant, and other tools)
  • discreet black side pads (without the big "KING SONG" logo)
  • free email support if you have any questions

Are you up for the challenge?

* Over 220 pounds? Want more range? No problem, ask about other models we stock that go further and carry more weight.

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