Collected Adventures of Tin Hut

Join the crotchety Mr. Tin Hut and his wife as they travel through the USA in their Airstream trailer. From trailer park to family reunion to Mr. Ed Convention, Mr. Hut seems to have a knack for making every situation extraordinarily "memorable" and then somehow finding the silver lining in each of his disasters. His lifelong love, Mrs. Hut, helps chronicle every episode, standing by her man as best she can in the wake of enraged farmers, insulted performers, traumatized fellow campers, bewildered contest judges, and the occasional pierced in-law.
This book includes 23 complete episodes of Tin Hut hilarity, as originally published in Airstream Life magazine, with the original illustrations by artist Brad Cornelius.  Makes a great gift that will leave the reader in stitches!
Tin Hut is one-man rollicking adventure with a heart of gold. Long a favorite of Airstream Life magazine readers, this is the first collection of Tin Hut stories ever published. It might be the last, too, considering that in this collection he manages to get stuck in a horse costume, hung from a tree, nearly electrocuted in bed, diagnosed with Fainting Goat syndrome, and set on fire.

6x9" paperback, 169 pages.   Author: Jim Snead.  Illustrator: Brad Cornelius.  Published by Airstream Life


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