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One day you might go to close a drawer or a cabinet door in your late model Airstream, and find that you can’t get the drawer or door to close fully. It will stop about an inch before full closure. This is because the latch has snapped shut prematurely.

You can re-set this latch with a screwdriver, by inserting it into the space behind the snap and carefully prying the snap to pop it back out. (Try not to gouge or bend the soft plastic edges of the groove that the snap rests in, otherwise the latch may not align correctly and the problem will get worse.)

But the snap keeps popping shut by itself, you can replace it. They wear out over time and this is the primary symptom.

These latches are hard to find, so we're offering them here at a discounted price. We carry only the stronger (10-lb) type because they can be used in every cabinet and drawer in any modern Airstream. It's a good idea to have a few spares on hand.

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