Boeshield T-9 corrosion protection

Looking to slow down ugly white filiform corrosion on your Airstream aluminum?  Boeshield T-9 is a great protectant, because it quickly dries to a waxy, waterproof finish that stops moisture from creeping under the clearcoat of your Airstream's exterior aluminum.

We like Boeshield because it's also a great long-lasting lubricant, for door hinges, entry steps, awning hardware—basically anything made of metal—and it won't hurt rubber, plastic, fiberglass, vinyl, or wiring.

Just wipe or drip it on any metal surface and let it dry. It's perfect whether your Airstream is on the road or in storage. You should always have a bottle of this on hand.

The one ounce size "drip bottle" is ideal for lubricating small areas like hinges. The four ounce size is an economical choice if you plan to protect larger areas like metal edges, aluminum wheels, door handles, and taillights.

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