Electrical connector maintenance kit (4 pcs)

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Two of the most neglected maintenance items on any travel trailer are the 7-way plug that connects trailer to tow vehicle, and the electrical inlet where you connect the power cord.

If you ignore the 7-way plug for too long, you will eventually find corrosion on the contacts which can cause problems with brake lights and turn signals, the electric brakes, or battery charging while you are towing.

One symptom of this is an intermittent warning from the brake controller on your dash, indicating that a brake light or turn signal has gone out.  Always check the 7-way plug first! This is where the vast majority of problems occur, because it's exposed to the weather and corrosion tends to build up on the contacts. Brownish-black or green corrosion tells you that there's a problem.

The same is true for the electrical power inlet on the side or front of your Airstream. Flip open the cover and take a look. Dark-colored corrosion on the contacts should be removed immediately.  This corrosion causes poor electrical flow, which can lead to overheating, tripped breakers, and melting of the plug.

This simple and inexpensive kit will help you quickly prevent such problems.

  1. The special burnishing tool (specially designed for electrical contacts) will remove oxidization and corrosion from the metal connectors.
  2. A drop of the DeOxit liquid when burnishing will finish cleaning the contacts and improve conductivity.
  3. Finally, a dab of dielectric grease will lubricate the contacts and reduce electrical corrosion in the future.

This kit is very small and light, so you can always carry it with the Airstream or tow vehicle.  It includes the special burnishing tool pictured, a 2ml bottle of DeOxit, a small tube of dielectric grease, and an Airstream Life Guide to explain the proper use.

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