Sleep as well in your Airstream as you do at home

Airstreamers love waking up to the sounds of nature and the smell of fresh air. But if you also wake up with aches and pains from the mattress, it’s time to upgrade your sleep system.

For a lot of people, the 8-inch, single-type foam mattress that comes in a typical, new Airstream is just not comfortable enough.


A better choice

We’ve developed a custom-built, innerspring mattress that’s thicker, wears better, and can be made to accommodate each sleeper’s firmness requirements — even if that means your sleeping partner prefers extra firm and you don’t. Our mattresses also deliver premium features like a plush top and side supports.


5 reasons to upgrade to our custom-made innerspring mattress

  1. More comfortable - Our 10-inch mattresses are 2 inches thicker than the 8-inch mattress that comes with most Airstreams. Plus, our premium features provide greater comfort and a better night’s sleep.
  2. Custom-built for you and your sleeping partner - You choose your firmness, which can be different on each side. Select a firm or extra-firm foam top layer, and add in extra springs in the right places to accommodate your body precisely. 
  3. Cooler and drier - Unlike foam, our mattresses breathe, which means you’ll sleep cooler with less moisture build up underneath. You won’t need to buy an additional product for air flow, which saves you money
  4. An exact fit for every model - Each custom-made mattress is an exact-fit replacement for original Airstream mattresses, including the corner curves.
  5. Wears more evenly than foam - Our mattresses can be flipped to even out wear. (Twin mattresses can be swapped left-to-right, and flipped.)


Custom-built at an affordable price

Standard/Queen (narrow side measuring between 48" and 60")  $650

Twin (narrow side 36" or less)  $390


Free delivery within 50 miles of Tucson, AZ

Great for Airstreamers who pass through Arizona during the winter! We also ship to the lower 48 states for a $75 flat rate.


A Goldilocks Guarantee

Sleep on your custom-made mattress for at least seven nights. If you aren't convinced that it’s “just right,” we’ll give you a full refund - as long as you contact us within 30 days of receipt.


Call us for a “comfort consultation” 

We'll work with you to customize your mattress, and advise you about the proper amount of support based on your sleeping style and size needs. So you can sleep as well in your Airstream as you do at home—maybe even better!


To order, click here or call 802-877-2900 extension 1