"Little Things" kit of essentials (15 pieces)

A few well-chosen items can be cheap insurance while you're traveling.

We've bundled a bunch of the most useful "little things" together in a single kit so you won't have to run around town (or the Internet) trying to find all of them.  All of the items in this bag solve common problems in seconds or minutes.

Our kit includes:

  • Aerospace 303 Protectant  Fixes sticky rubber seals around vent fans, windows, and doors
  • BoeShield T-9  Fixes squeaky or stiff metal hinges, stabilizers, and awning parts
  • 4 spare blade fuses (10, 15, 20, and 30-amp) and a fuse puller tool.
  • Teflon tape  Stops leaks at threaded water and gas fittings
  • nylon drain plug replacement for the water heater. Used with Teflon tape, fixes leaky water heater drain
  • 4 of our special "Green Grippers". These unusual rubber bands keep items from sliding around in storage cabinets
  • silicone hose washer replacement, FDA approved for drinking water use. Use this to fix a water hose that leaks at the fitting.
  • small spray bottle  Fill with soapy water to find propane leaks easily
  • an Airstream Life booklet to explain how to use each item!

Everything comes in a heavy-duty plastic zipper bag that you can toss in a storage compartment until you need it.

We also recommend carrying these items:

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