Marson SP-2 rivet tool with swivel head

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Replacing a rivet is easy – when you have the right tool

Even though an Airstream is very sturdy, occasionally, a rivet can break loose. This is particularly common after towing on rough roads.

Fortunately, replacing rivets is no big deal, even if you've never done it before, as long as you have a good rivet tool (or "rivet gun"), and the right rivet for the job. This 90-second video shows you how simple it is to replace a pop rivet.

Our rivet tool of choice: the Marson "Klik Turn" SP-2

This quality tool has a unique rotating head with positive "click" stops that make it very easy to adjust for working in tight spaces, or at awkward angles. The cast aluminum head will turn 360 degrees and hold in over forty positions.

This tool includes built-in threaded storage holes for different size "nosepieces," which allow you to work with all of the different sizes of blind rivets typically used in an Airstream.

Easy instructions included

Our exclusive Airstream Life Guide explains how to remove and replace rivets in your Airstream, including the interior rivets, the exterior bucked rivets, and the belly pan rivets. (Bucked rivets require other special tools, but they almost never break.)

You'll be surprised how easy it is to replace a rivet, and you'll want to carry this tool on every trip—just in case.

Don't forget the rivets!

Our Airstream Life Rivet Kit includes the two most commonly-needed replacement rivets in an Airstream trailer.

Learn more about rivets

Read our blog or watch this video with Airstream restoration expert, Colin Hyde.

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