LockOut Blocker

Orientation: Left
Sale price$ 26.00


Finally–a simple solution to the spontaneously self-locking entry door!

Has this ever happened to you? You accidentally shut your Airstream entry door hard and blammo: you're locked out! It's a notorious problem that has confounded (or stranded) many Airstreamers. 

LockOut Blocker is a low-cost solution that works like a charm and does not require drilling.

There is a LEFT and a RIGHT style of this product – look at your door handle before you order so you purchase the correct one

While standing INSIDE the Airstream, look at the direction your door handle is pointing
  • Purchase LEFT – if your door handle points left (the handle shown in the product photo is a LEFT LockOut Blocker)
  • Purchase RIGHT – if your door handle points right   

Why Airstreamers love the LockOut Blocker

  • No more spontaneous lock-outs – LockOut Blocker impedes the ability of the lock to self-lock when the door shuts
  • Simple installation, no drilling required – just peel off the backing and stick it in place
  • Foolproof and forget-proof – unlike similar products LockOut Blocker automatically resets to the lock-is-blocked position every time; no need to remember to do it manually 
  • Installs in seconds – just peel off the 3M protective strip and stick LockOut Blocker in place

    You can still  unlock the door handle after LockOut Blocker is installed–this video shows you how


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