GoSun Go portable solar cooker


It's fun to cook outdoors, and with the GoSun line of solar cookers you can do it without charcoal, smoke, lighter fluid, and mess!

The GoSun "Go" cooks most meals in 20-30 minutes, using only the power of the sun—and it's fun to use!

The "Go" is also the most portable and affordable model. It's versatile and durable enough to take anywhere, and comes in a tough zippered case. Although the interior heats up while cooking, you can touch the outside of the tube without getting burned.

Like the other GoSun models, you just place your food into the silicone trays provided, slide it into the cooker, and aim it at the sun. Then just relax while the sun does the work.

It even works on partly-cloudy days, and in the winter! The vacuum tube's perfect insulation (like a Thermos bottle) allows it to cook in freezing temperatures.

If you need a larger cooker, check out the GoSun "Sport".


  • Capacity: 13.5oz / 400ml (enough for 1-2 people)
  • Peak Temperature: 550°F (280°C) / Working Temperature: 200°F (93°C) - 450°F (232°C)
  • Cooking Time varies / Time to boil water: 40 minutes (in full sun)
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Dry Weight: 2 lbs (0.9 kg)
  • Size: Length: 14.17” (36 cm), Height: 7” (17.78 cm), Width: 3.37” (8.57 cm)


  • Gosun "Go" with Solar Vacuum Tube
  • Built In Hard Shell Zipper Case
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Tray
  • Cap For Boiling Mode
  • Silicone Cooking Pans
  • Silicone Scrubby Brush For Cleaning
For our full review of the GoSun cookers, click here.

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