TST Tire Pressure Repeater/Booster

Having trouble with sensors "dropping out" on your TST 507 Tire Pressure Monitor?   A repeater/booster is the solution! 

The kits we sell now always include a repeater, so this is only for previous buyers who didn't install one. If you're buying a Tire Pressure Monitor kit from us today, you don't need to add this item.

Installation is easy: just connect the two wires to the battery or any 12 volt source that's always on. There's no programming or setup required. You can mount it with two screws or some strong double-sided tape.

A blinking red light lets you know it's working, and the power consumption is extremely small (milliamps) so you don't need to worry about it during storage.

This works with TST 507 systems only (the only kind we sell).

If you need help installing, just call TST for free customer assistance at 770-889-9102

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