Stealth cellular antenna upgrade kit

If you want better performance from your cell phone or hotspot, you need an external antenna on your Airstream. There's really no other good way to get the signal out of the aluminum shell.

Our recommended antenna and cable combination is specifically designed to work with the popular WeBoost series of cellular signal boosters, and deliver high performance with a low profile. You'll get stronger connections without a giant "trucker" antenna that advertises "laptops inside".

With this rooftop antenna kit, you'll find you can get online in marginal signal areas like remote national parks, where a signal booster alone isn't enough.

Our kit includes all the parts you'll need for a successful and easy installation:

  • the discreet Laird Phantom 3G/4G antenna (white, to blend in with the roof)
  • a special ultra-low-signal loss 14-foot cable with connector for a WeBoost *
  • dielectric grease and alcohol wipe
  • complete instructions with step-by-step photos.

You'll need only a few simple tools: a 3/4" hole saw, cordless drill, and an adjustable wrench. Yes, you will have to drill a hole in your Airstream, but don't worry! Our instructions help you get it right the first time, and the antenna includes a rubber gasket to seal it tightly to the roof. A properly installed antenna will not leak.

Please check with your wife/husband/partner before ordering! A 15% re-stocking fee applies when you say "He/she wouldn't let me drill a hole in the Airstream!"  ;-)  But remind him/her that with this kit you'll be able to stay in touch where you couldn't before!

* A compatible WeBoost or similar signal booster is required to use this kit. The cable in the Airstream Life kit has a "SMA Male" connector to connect to the "SMA Female" antenna jack found on most models of WeBoost signal boosters, including the 3G-S, 3G-Flex, 3G-X and other models. This is a screw-on replacement for the cable and magnetic mount antenna provided with most WeBoost kits. WeBoost can be found at many online stores including Amazon.

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