Trailer Door Handle Key BLANK

Current selection:: Models starting mid 2012 (TA001 to TA100)
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Every Airstreamer should travel with a spare set of entry door keys! 

Your local locksmith isn't likely to have key blanks that fit your Airstream entry door. We've sold thousands of these blanks, and we guarantee that they are the correct blank for your Airstream – regardless of whether the keys pictured on this page exactly match the appearance of your original.  

Simply take our key blanks to a good local locksmith for duplicating, along with your existing key. We recommend choosing an independent locksmith instead of a big box store or chain, as they are much more likely to cut the key correctly.

Key blanks are non-refundable. 

If you want a guaranteed-to-be-cut correctly door handle key, purchase one of our pre-cut door handle keys.

How to choose the correct blank for your model

These key blanks are for aluminum trailers only. You'll find Basecamp and Nest key blanks here.

  1. Look at your existing door handle key for the key code engraved on it. For example, late model original Airstream aluminum trailer keys have numbers starting with TA- on the entry door handle.
  2. Select the key blank that includes your key code in the range shown for your model.

IMPORTANT: If your key is imprinted with a number starting with "KS", it is a duplicate, not an original. In that case, contact us with the key code starting with KS, and we'll tell you which key type you need.

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