Swarovski Variable Phone Adapter and Adapter Ring

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Adapter ring: VPA and adapter for NL Pure & EL binoculars
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Capture incredible scenes from your Swarovski spotting scope or binoculars on your phone!

With the Variable Phone Adapter your phone camera can capture amazing images of wildlife at incredible distances.

It works for both photos and videos. Imagine sharing crystal-clear images from your adventures to friends and family.

The rugged adapter is designed to fit a wide range of smartphone models from major brands (see below for compatibility notes). You'll still have access to most of your phone's controls, and it can be adjusted to almost any camera lens position.

Our kit includes the Variable Phone Adapter and the necessary adapter ring. Please choose the variant you need for either a Swarovski spotting scope or Swarovski binoculars.


Current Samsung, Huawei, and iPhone models (except iPhone 4) and most HTC, LG, and Google Phone models are compatible.

Use the diagram below to check the compatibility of particular smartphones – it shows the smartphone’s maximum and minimum height and width as well as the appropriate camera position.

Certain Sony and Motorola smartphones have controls positioned centrally on the right side of the phone, which means the Variable Phone Adapter's lateral clamp may cover or activate them. These smartphones are not compatible.


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