Ultimate RV Water Hose

Length: 25
Sale price$ 69.00


What makes this the best drinking water hose?

  • Better tasting water!  No "plastic" taste
  • Easily stretches for use and coils itself up when you're done with it. Can't kink.
  • Unaffected by UV from the sun
  • Much lighter than traditional hoses
  • Flexible even when cold, undamaged by freezing
  • Won't develop pinhole leaks
  • Lead-free brass fittings with trivalent chrome plating
  • 100% free of toxic chemicals such as lead, BPA, and phthalates
  • Made in America

We believe in this hose so much that we give it a 5 Year Unconditional Warranty. Leave it outside for months, drag it on the ground, run over it with your truck, let it freeze—no problem!

If it fails for any reason at all in the first five years, just send it back and we'll replace it absolutely free.


  • Measured length: 25 feet (about 20 feet when stretched) or 50 feet (about 40 feet stretched).
  • Weighs only about 2 pounds (25 ft version)
  • Color: Marine Blue
  • Drinking water safe, even for hot water
  • Extremely strong with a burst pressure rating over 375 PSI
  • Inside diameter: 3/8" (will deliver plenty of water to any RV fixture)
  • Standard North American size fittings
  • Made from safe virgin polyurethane: No lead, phthalates, BPA, or PVC

More about drinking water hoses in our blog

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