Rivet kit

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Replacing a rivet is easy, even if you've never done it before

All you need is a good rivet tool (or "rivet gun"), the right rivets, and some instructions. 

Our rivet kit includes the two most common rivets in an Airstream – interior rivets and belly pan rivets. We've included 25 of each type (50 rivets in total), so you'll have plenty to repair rivets on the interior aluminum skin and the belly pan.

The correct drill bits are included

You'll often need to drill out the old rivet or enlarge the hole for a larger size of rivet. Our kit includes three drill bits, which cover all the common sizes of rivets used in Airstreams, including:

  • #30 drill bit for POP rivets found on the interior of an Airstream
  • #20 drill bit for other POP rivets found on exterior items
  • #11 drill bit for large "button head" rivets used for belly pan repairs

Easy instructions

Our exclusive Airstream Life Guide explains how to remove and replace rivets in your Airstream.

Learn more about rivets

Watch our 90-second video about how to replace a rivet:

 Learn more about rivets in this video featuring Airstream restoration expert, Colin Hyde.

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