Zip Dee "WashOut" powder 2-pack

You should clean the fabric of your Zip Dee awnings and chairs every two or three years.

The job is easy with WashOut concentrated granular cleaner.  It will leave your Zip Dee awnings and chairs bright and rejuvenated.  WashOut deep-cleans inside the weave of the fabric without harming its water-repellent finish.

This is the only product recommended by Zip Dee for their awnings and chairs.

These packets are pre-measured to mix with a gallon of water.  One packet should be plenty to clean all the awnings on your Airstream.  This offer is for two packets, so you'll have a spare for later.

Hint:  Don't wait for the fabric to look dirty. That gives dirt a chance to set and the stains may not come out. Instead, brush off the loose dirt and hose the awning down, then scrub the awning with a clean, soft bristle brush using WashOut.

For stubborn stains, add up to 1⁄2 cup of chlorine bleach. Allow the soap to soak in by rolling the awning closed for 10-15 minutes, then rinse very thoroughly. The air will dry the awning quickly.

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