Claw multi-purpose tie-down (set of 2)


Tying down your Airstream's awning, a satellite dish, or a dog leash can be a real pain with those cheap "auger-type" anchors commonly found at RV stores.

The augers work fine when the ground is ideal, but in sandy soil, packed gravel, or desert earth, you have to either fight with them—or they just don't hold.

After a lot of searching, we've chosen The Claw® as our favorite anchoring system. It's so good that aircraft owners use it to tie down valuable airplanes.

The Claw has several advantages:



  1. It's easy to install. Instead of wrestling to "screw in" an auger, you just hammer three spikes into the ground. The hammer comes with the kit.
  2. The two Claws in this kit fold up into a neat carry bag (also included) and pack easily into any storage compartment.
  3. They hold tight to the ground in almost any type of soil.  In fact, because of the way the spikes are angled, each Claw grips more tightly as it is pulled, up to 1200 pounds per Claw.  We've tested it in many types of soil with great success.
  4. The yellow arms are powder-coated aluminum, so they won't rust over time.

This kit is easy to use with your Airstream's Zip-Dee awning. It includes straps to attach to each Claw and secure your awning against wind. If you have a Carefree awning (typically on pre-2005 motorhomes and a few older trailers) you can remove the eye bolt from The Claw and attach directly to it.

The kit we offer includes a carry bag that holds everything: two Claw anchors, six spikes, one hammer and two anchoring straps. It comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

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